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Recognized by beauty authorities, my peers, national publications and television interviews as being an expert in the field of facial rejuvenation acupuncture, I've been passionate about supporting others in their quest for health for over 29 years. Holding a Masters Degree in

Traditional Chinese Medicine, I began this journey as a certified massage therapist and aromatherapist and have utilized the benefits of essential botanical oils​ for the entirety of my career. 

I created the Zen Redhead Skincare line because I've always dreamed of sharing this most precious and effective beauty experience: Making use of absolutely pure centuries-old ingredients that truly transform the complexion; nurturing and replenishing the skin without the need for chemicals.

Only clean, organic botanicals, vegetable oils and other natural elements are necessary

for your most beautiful visage. It's true!

I work as an actress, as well. So, I understand how vital it is to not only appear freshly complected, but to literally love the skin you're in, in all aspects of the term. This is what I use. I've signed my name to the line, and I'm honored to introduce you to your very own modern day Geisha spa ritual.

~ Tamara Hutchins, L.Ac., MS, CMT


Hello! I bought the replenishing facial oil at the Stapleton Bazaar and absolutely loved it, it changed my skin overnight!

~ Ilva.S.

Wow! I burned myself on the oven and dabbed your Brightening Serum on my skin immediately, like you suggested. It never blistered and you can't even see a mark. My hyperpigmentation disappeared too! Finally, a product that fulfills its promises! Thank you!

~ J. S.

Thank you for creating your products! They've changed my life!

~ Renee L.

I'd like to say that one of the best features is the scent. I love it!

The oil keeps my face feeling hydrated all day and night. Very nice.

~ Mary Ann N.

Thank goodness for Zen Redhead's Pure Geisha Cleansing Oil. Lyla's stage makeup came off with no tears and no skin reaction. Genius!

~ Hope K.

I met you at the Stapleton Denver Bazaar, bought your trial/sample pack, and fell in love! Thanks for creating such a great product.

~ Leslie N.


Since using your Replenishing Facial Oil, my dermatologist congratulated me on my healthy, youthful skin. I told her I use your oil and she was amazed!

~ Katharine L.

The Replenishing Facial Oil is a face-saver!

~ Ali B.


Since finishing the first bottle of your Brightening Serum, my decollete's blotchiness has disappeared! I'm going to keep working with it, because I believe the darker age spots are gently fading, as well. Thank you!

~ Cindy R.

Now that I've been using the Zen Redhead Replenishing Facial Oil every day, my skin's texture is amazing! It's the only moisturizer I'm using right now. I'm so in! I love this stuff!

~ Katie D.

...Pregnant with my second about 24 weeks, my tummy grew so quickly that those big, scary, red stretch marks started showing up, and now at 31 weeks, the are GONE. It's crazy.

~ Candice B.

It won't make you feel greasy at all--Just smooth. A bottle of the Zen Redhead Replenishing Facial Oil will last forever and can even be used on your fly-aways!

~ Cynthia G. ~ Denver's Makeup Guru

I'm a two year user of Zen Redhead Replenishing Facial Oil and am 68 years old. I have been amazed by the increased softness of my face and existing facial lines. I wish I would have

known about this years ago.

~ Kay L.

For my mature face, the Zen Redhead Replenishing Facial Oil has been wonderful! It greatly diminishes fine lines around my lips and eyes and makes my whole face smoother. Not to mention the marvelous general feel of my skin.

~ Judy B.

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